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PC and Laptop Sales


From state-of-the-art new laptops and computers to
professionally reconditioned units built to perform.

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Virus Removal

If your system has become infected, our virus removal service will:

Scan your Hard Drive(s) for viral infections and remove them.

In addition, we will tune-up your hard drive to repair any of the residual damage to the operating system or other programs.  Our tune-up procedure will also identify and resolve other issues affecting the system’s operation.  

In some cases the virus can cause so much damage to the operating system that the hard drive would need to be formatted.  In that case our Technicians will call and discuss further options with you.

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RocketTheme $110 per hour

On-Site Business Services

Our Technicians can also perform services at your business location.

We appreciate that when your company computers are not working the whole office can come to a standstill.  We make you a priority and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Server Sales and Configuration
Computer and Laptop Sales and Installation
Network Configuration
Network Maintenance

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Screen Replacement

AC Power Adapters

Keyboard/mouse Replacement

Broken Hinge Replacement

Hard Drives

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When your operating system is damaged beyond repair by a virus or some other issue, a reformat will restore it back to the original.

We will install, update and activate the existing operating system licensed for your computer, as well as all drivers and standard software such as Adobe, Java, DVD software, etc. We will set up your email if you provide us with your user name and password (if you wish).

Any additional software that you provide us such as Anti-virus software, Office, etc. will also be

installed at an additional charge of $10 per title.

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