Computer Maintenance

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Steps you follow every month to keep your computer running better for longer.

Do Windows Updates
Control Panel > Windows Updates > Check for Updates > Select all important updates –> When done, Restart Computer

Do System Updates
 Flash—— Windows 8 & 8.1 do not have to update flash—it updates with your operating system.

Delete Internet Browsing History
In internet explorer : Tools – Delete Browser History – Make sure every box has a check in the box – Delete
Ctrl + Shift + Del—Quick keyboard combination. (works with all browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer)

Run updates and a full performance scan with your Anti-Virus program

Update > Run Updates

Scans > Full Scan

Restart your computer

Defragment your hard drive (this may take several hours)
Open start menu > Search Disk Defragment > Choose ( C: ) >Defragment Now


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