Your Precious Moments

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A large problem we face at the shop is customers without data backups. They have each and every family photo, every precious memory, and all of their family history stored in this one sacred spot.

Well what do you do when you spill wine on your laptop? When your move to another city and your PC bumps around in the back of moving truck to never power on again? What happens to your precious memories at that point?

Usually at this point I have a historical customer who is extremely worried that this data will never be recovered. And I tell them all the same thing: “IF the hard drive is still spinning I can recover your data, if not, it’s gone and you’ll have to run off your backups”. Every single time I get the resounding answer “But I don’t have a backup!”

You don’t have a backup! – There is no plan B. No in case of emergency, no exit strategy – nothing. You are left with the hope, the slim chance that I will be able to recover all of your precious data.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? What if I told you there are several different ways of backing up your data so that you never have to have this anxiety? What if I told you that even if your house burns down tonight you can have all of your data in a secure place that you can access from any computer in the world?

Well I am going to tell you just that. It is possible, it is safe, and it is secure! And it’s called, drum roll please, Cloud Storage.

Now the age of Cloud Storage is still very new to most consumers, and it comes with a paranoia that most people just can’t shake. What if I end up like Jennifer Lawrence with my pictures splayed across the internet for all to see?! What if some add company starts using pictures of my precious child without my consent?

Simply put, this rarely happens. You have the same chance of someone hacking your personal computer and thieving your data as you do someone hacking your online storage and stealing your data. If someone really wants your personal information they can get it. Regardless if it’s on your system at home or on the cloud.

That being said there are lots of different options for online cloud storage. Microsoft has OneDrive, Google has Google Drive, and Apple has iCloud. All cloud storage works along the same basic principle. You create an online account associated with and email and password. This account is accessible from any web browser as long as you are armed with your login credentials. You can upload data and download it onto your system at will. You can even connect your mobile devices to it.

You can setup your phone and tablet to auto backup to your online accounts. You can directly save your documents online via the new Microsoft Office 2013. And you can edit and create new files online inside your account.

Once you link your life to the cloud you will find that you no longer worry about your data. You will always have those memories with you. You can share them at a whim and access them from anywhere. On a trip to Iceland and want to show someone that one cute photo of your dog? It’s just two clicks away.

Personally I have my life linked to OneDrive. Associated with my Windows Live ID I can easily save everything directly online. The online Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow me to edit documents on the go that I have saved at home. The easy to access application makes sorting and storing my pictures painless. I have even set up my cell phone to automatically back up my photos every time my cell hits a known Wi-Fi connection. If my computer imploded and I ran over my phone today I could replace them without batting an eye.

I don’t worry about those precious memories because I know they are safe. Leave the worry behind! Join the future, start with an online backup.


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