Windows 8.1

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The horror that was Windows 8 and 8.1 will haunt many consumers for many years to come.

The metro interface, the new and confusing apps, not to mention the convoluted way you had to turn the PC off has had consumers in an uproar since the operating system first launched back in 2012. Every single aspect of the operating system seemed to be specially designed to leave the average consumer out of the loop. Even the most seasoned computer technicians have always seemed to have a gripe with the operating system. What had Microsoft been thinking releasing this operating system to the world?!

Yet amongst all of this animosity, I supported a very different opinion. I love Windows 8.1!

Now before you go and grab an angry mob with pitchforks and torches let me explain myself.

Windows 8.1 was completely different from anything Windows had tried before. The metro interface, the customization options, the Windows Live ID integration. Everything was designed to make our lives easier, and more fluid between devices.  For the first time ever Microsoft had released an operating system that would truly work on any device you decided to put it on.

OneDrive made it easy to back up all of your data to the cloud. Seamless saving was enabled with Microsoft Office 2013 to ensure that you could backup directly to the cloud while continuing to edit your document. You could then access that document online via your tablet, phone or any other PC in your household. Not only could you view, and email that document right away, you could also edit it. Inside the web browser you could even create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations.

Armed with my Windows Live ID I was able to setup my home PC with a child account for my darling daughter. With brand new features like weekly emails, lock out times and individual website blocking it made it a breeze to keep an eye on what she was doing with her online time. If I wanted to block out a single website I could. If I wanted to block out a genre of websites, I had that option. I was able to see everything from time spent to each and every google search. All from a weekly email that Microsoft sends me.

Even with all of these amazing features my favorite will always be the customization options. I loved having the metro start menu. I was able to have a blank desktop and everything I needed was a button press away. Being a big fan of the windows hot key on my keyboard I was able to hide the task bar and just have my background picture up. For someone with their computer in their living room my desktop screen easily became a moving picture frame. Flipping through all of my family photos in thirty second intervals. Then when I wanted to use the PC I just clicked the windows button and chose which program I wanted open.

To me these features made Windows 8.1 worth having. They made my life easier and synced all of my devices together in a way I had never experienced before. Now that it is fading away, as Windows 10 is released, I will be sad to let it go.  So here’s to Windows 8.1. With its amazing synchronization and customizable options that made my life easier and my overall daily computing more manageable, I will miss you Windows 8.


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