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Being a student is a tough time for many people, so Microsoft wants to make it easier for you. With Office 2019 Home Student, you’ll be able to access all of the classic applications that will help you succeed in school and achieve your goals. The upgraded features are designed to help you get through your school assignments faster, easier, and end up with a more polished end product.


With one simple download, you’ll have access to the four classic applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. These applications are easy to use, and also add convenience to your schoolwork as well.


  • Create, edit, and share your documents with your course mates and colleagues.
  •  Edit photos hassle-free with the improved Word features.
  •  Customize your tab commands to fit your needs. This helps you navigate through your tasks effortlessly.
  •  Use “Tell Me” to look up for things you want to be done.


  •  Perform better data analysis by using improved formulas and chats.
  •  Model your data professionally using the new, improved PowerPivot.
  •  Import data from different sources like SQL, Access, web pages using enhanced Power Query.
  •  Use 2-D modeling to help visualize your data.


  •  Use zoom capabilities to order slides within the presentation. 
  •  Insert and manage icons, 3-D models, and SVG.
  •  Use Morph and Animation to make your presentation more appealing. 


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